18 easy ways to create high-end looks on a budget

George Dolese


This time of year often inspires a fresh start, and sprucing up the surroundings at home may be the perfect place to begin.

Fortunately, it can be done without spending outrageous amounts of time and money. By simply adding a few creative accents, using old objects in new ways, or rearranging your belongings, you can easily revive your home’s look.

To get a few pointers, we talked to three prop stylists, professionals who regularly deal with the challenges of high design standards, tight budgets, and tough deadlines while managing to create picture-perfect settings that are featured in magazine spreads and coffee-table books.

“For many photo shoots, we have to furnish several rooms in just three days or less,” says stylist Gia Russo. “You have to be able to pull it together and still stay within the budget.”