Transform your pad into a London flat or a Moroccan riad
How to Decorate Your Home Like Your Favorite Destination

It’s easy for a traveler to be struck by the design aesthetic of a specific place, like the regal Byzantine and Ottoman influences of Istanbul, the distinct Scandinavian style of homes in Reykjavik, and New Orleans’ colorful mix of French, Caribbean, and Southern traditions.

If you’ve been enraptured by the relaxed, bohemian feel of Costa Rica, or the classic elements of Japanese design still popular in Tokyo (short-legged chabudais tables, shoji screens, tansu chests), you’ll find it’s easy to turn your home into a memento of your travels.

We sought design and décor inspiration from destinations across the globe. We looked at the way New Yorkers masterfully transform tiny spaces into contemporary, sophisticated homes, and how cowhide rugs and Sayulita chairs can evoke the bohemian beach vibes of Tulum. From Australia’s far-flung Great Barrier Reef (ideal for globetrotters who love coral and turquoise hues) to the charismatic Portuguese capital of Lisbon, these are the places that inspire interior designers and home décor enthusiasts.

Of course, you don’t have to commit to an entire home redesign. Even something as simple as a Moroccan wedding blanket draped across a sofa or the fragrance of saffron can give your space the essence of riad in Marrakesh — no matter where in the world you live.

Ditch the snow globes and fridge magnets. On your next trip, consider a souvenir that will help you remember your travels (and inspire new ones) even when you’re stuck at home.

A Costa Rican beach bungalow

Beth Garrabrant

To make your home feel like a Costa Rican beach bungalow, channel the country’s pura vida philosophy with colorful throw pillows, braided jute rugs, and plenty of tropical house plants.


A Tokyo apartment

Getty Images

Bring a touch of Tokyo modernity to a traditional, Japanese-inspired apartment with pops of neon and geometric shapes. 


A Catalan-style home

Mikkel Vang

If you’re constantly dreaming of your vacation to Barcelona, turn your pad into a Catalan-style home with surreal, even futuristic furniture (a nod to Gaudi), classic ironwork, and colorful floor tiles.  



A cozy Reykjavik retreat

Getty Images/Grant Faint

Create a space plucked straight out of Iceland with plenty of wool blankets and rugs and aromatic candles. Best of all, you’ll be ready for a hygge staycation



A chic Manhattan apartment

Getty Images / Marmagnum

New Yorkers have mastered the art of turning cramped, Manhattan apartments into bright, spacious-feeling homes that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud.  

A regal Turkish palace

Getty Images / Gary Yeowell

Istanbul straddles the ancient and modern worlds. Consider Byzantine and Ottoman architectural styles when decorating a home inspired by a Turkish palace.


A posh London flat

Jamie Street

Looking across the pond for inspiration? Consider a few London-inspired statement antique pieces, needlepoint pillows, and a touch of tartan for your British flat.



A quirky Brooklyn brownstone

Getty Images / Andy Ryan

For a hipper-than-thou Brooklyn vibe, invest in bold artwork, reclaimed wood, and handmade, hyper-local goods.



A Tulum beach house

Moses Berkson

Long considered an exclusive retreat for bohemians, a laid-back Yucatan home will likely have bright pops of color and furniture hewn from driftwood.


An airy Cape Town abode

Getty Images / Michal Krakowiak

Channel the South African harbor city of Cape Town with a mix of ultra-modern (polished chrome) and natural elements, such as wooden tribal-inspired masks.



An Australian reef-inspired home

Sean Fennessy

Evoke the natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef (without doing any harm to it) with faux corals and resin clamshells.



A Hanoi hideaway

Getty Images / Westend61 RM

Create a Zen space reminiscent of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake with bamboo furniture, natural linens, and Vietnamese silks.



A vibrant New Orleans townhouse

Getty Images / AWL Images RM

At the intersection of French, Caribbean, and Southern styles is the vibrant Big Easy. Be prepared to introduce plenty of New Orleans-inspired saturated hues into your home. 



An artistic Amsterdam loft

Getty Images / Greg Gibb

Love the Netherlands? Be creative when building a Dutch-inspired spaceAmsterdam is, after all, known for its art and timeless good looks.  



A colorful Lisbon apartment

Alvara Leiva

Large-scale artwork, patterned wallpaper, and the famous blue-and-white tile work found across the country of Portugal are quick ways to make your home feel like an apartment in Lisbon


A Moroccan riad

Getty Images / Collection Mix: Subjects RF

Berber, French, and Moorish influences are all on display in Marrakesh. Introduce zellige tiles, floral arabesques, and intricate metalwork to capture the vibe of the Red City.


A Bali bungalow

Getty Images / Phruetthiphong Pawarachan

If heading to the Island of the Gods for your personal version of Eat, Pray, Love isn’t an option, redecorating your home with Balinese-style handicrafts, natural textures, and lots of greenery is the next best thing. 

A Santorini hideaway

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Can’t get enough of the Greek island’s cliff-side, Cycladic charm? Santorini inspires interiors washed in bright white and dotted with fun, blue accents. Disclaimer: Terrace with infinity pool overlooking the sunset not included.