This centerpiece features individually wrapped flowers that can double as take-home gifts and placecards

Everyone can take home a piece of this centerpiece. Each flower is wrapped individually as gift that can double as a placecard. (All materials other than flowers can be purchased at craft stores.)

1. Fill floral water tubes (about $1.30 for four) with water; replace caps. Cut stems of red and white gerbera daisies to 12 inches and insert in tubes.

2. Attach hook and oop sides of self-adhesive 1-inch Velcro squares (about $3.50 for 12) to each other; adhere one side to a corner of a sheet of 8 1/2- by 11-inch vellum (about $5 for 12 sheets).

3. With Velcro-side down, lay a flower diagonally across the vellum so that the water tube is in the corner adjacent (along an 8 1/2-in. side) to the Velcro. Starting from the corner opposite the Velcro, roll paper around flower to form a cone (make sure bottom is snug). Once the cone is neatly rolled, attach other side of Velcro to vellum.

4. Repeat with all the flowers, then insert them into a 6-inch flowerpot.

If the flowers will be used as placecards, personalize them with 1- by 1/2-inch clear labels. Guests can keep their flowers in the flowerpot until they’re ready to leave.