John Granen

Pacific coasting

Sunset  – September 1, 2004

Jo Landefeld found inspiration in the colors of the shoreline and in a postcard of a Monet landscape. She used paint from Benjamin Moore (800/344-0400), including Buckland Blue, Chestertown Buff, Mill Springs Blue, Sherwood Green, and Southfield Green.

“When you decorate with the colors of nature, it just seems to bring everything together,” she says.

Landefeld livened up a long hallway by painting each section of wall a different color. It’s attractive to look at and makes it easy for guests to find their way around.

“We tell visitors to turn left at the green wall for the media room or left at the blue wall for the bathroom,” she says.

The blues and greens are repeated in upholstery and finishes, such as the denim sofa and blue and green window-seat cushions and stools. In the open floor plan, the consistent palette helps unify each space.

A house for all seasons

“The coast during winter is a great secret,” Jo Landefeld says. “During the summer, the wetlands are coppery and brown, but during the winter, they are lush and green.”

The house is designed to show off the seasons and the scenery. “This is a place where my husband and daughters can walk in and instantly relax,” Landefeld says.

The house wraps around the central deck, shielding it from wind. Both the living room and the kitchen, at opposite ends of the main space, overlook the dunes.

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