Tips for turning ordinary balloons into extra-festive party decor


Bouquets aren’t just for flowers anymore—you can use balloons to create an arrangement that’s festive, fun, and better suited to photos. To create this balloon bouquet, first gather a variety of balloon sizes. Here we use 16-inch and 11-inch balloons. In order to create the desired effect, use an odd number of balloons and three colors of similar hues like mauve, orange, and yellow, or a range of blues and greens. Arrange the balloons at varying heights so they cascade down, keeping the larger balloons towards the top and using the smaller ones towards the bottom, plus extras to fill in any gaps. When tweaking the positioning of each balloon, use your creativity and think about this arrangement as you would a floral one. Once you’re satisfied with the look of the arrangement, it’s time to secure the balloons in place with ribbon. Pro tip: use one ribbon color for a clean look, which keeps viewers’ attention on the balloons. If you want to style the bouquet further, you can decorate the balloons with stickers and attach tassels to the knots. This unique decoration is the perfect addition to your party photos and oh-so-‘grammable.