Remodel strategies

Joann Le and David Horsley applied several key principles throughout the makeover.

Combine sense and sensibility. The couple used utilitarian, almost Shaker-like detailing to bridge their modernist bent and the home’s existing character. The resulting changes remain respectful to the design of the original home.

Aim for sustainability. “For both cost reasons and a desire to be sustainable, we reused a lot of materials from the house and augmented with recycled products,” says Le. Reclaimed flooring from old schoolhouses, vintage door hardware, and salvaged lighting fixtures “give the renovated areas a patina of age that blends more seamlessly with the old.”

Unify and brighten. White walls and fir floors provide continuity between the spaces. “We chose white because it has a lot of reflectivity, and we wanted to maximize the light as much as possible,” explains Le.

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