Small adjustments create a visually coordinated, functional, and comfortable bathroom

Before (click on thumbnail photo, below left):

It was the typical small bath: a charmless jumble in a constricted 5- by 7-foot space.

The conventional wall-mounted sink, the projecting medicine-cabinet mirror, and the storage cabinet swallowed up the narrow space opposite the tub.


The architect took a tailorlike approach, making small adjustments ― like nips and tucks in a piece of fabric ― to create a visually coordinated, functional, and comfortable room.

The clean, uncluttered look reflects several key decisions. A new rounded sink occupies less space.

The room’s lines are simplified by treating the entire wall above the sink as a mirror and by a medicine cabinet built into what had been a jog in the wall to the right of the sink.

Using tile as wainscoting unifies the space.

Design: Mark Creedon, M2 Studio, Sonoma, CA (707/938-8345)

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