A crisp palette and higher ceiling makes the difference in this makeover
Bold and Sleek Kitchen Remodel
After: Bold kitchen remodel

This 8½- by 20-foot kitchen changed from cramped and dated to spacious and modern, without adding on.

The designer worked this magic by incorporating areas once hidden from view and using a palette of contemporary materials in tones of red, black, and silver.

The most dramatic transformation took place near the sink and range. The original flat ceiling was removed; now the angled line of the window bay extends upward, borrowing several feet from the former attic.

Vertical bands of frosted glass panels set into a wall of cabinets emphasize the room’s newfound height.

Stainless steel on the counters is repeated in new appliances.

A doublesided glass cabinet suspends across an opening to the adjacent living room, helping to define each space without closing one off from the other.

Design:  Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling, Portland (503/288-7461)

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