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When your days are filled to the brim, it can be hard to find time to get to all of the decorating and organizing projects you want to finish. But what if you didn't have to carve out an entire morning to tick something off your list? The truth is, we can accomplish quite a lot in a short amount of time with the right focus. You can fit these bite-size projects into spare pockets of time—so the next time you are on hold or waiting for clothes to come out of the dryer, you can probably complete one of these projects and make your home a neater, more beautiful place to be.

1. Arrange a bunch of flowers.

Make that little bouquet you treated yourself to at the market go further by divvying it up among several small containers. Try Moroccan tea glasses, stemless wineglasses or teacups — just cut the stems short and plunk them in. Cluster at least three small vases together for the best effect.

2. Style your coffee table.

Go grab a tray, a few books with pretty covers, a small vase or candle, and a few small decorative objects. Place the tray on your coffee table or ottoman. Stack the books on the tray, place the vase or candle next to the books, and set one small decorative object atop the stack of books and another beside the stack. Voilà, your coffee table is styled!

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3. Make your bed ... really nicely.

Be honest — how are your daily bed-making skills? If you peeked into my bedroom on any given day, you'd see it probably would be thrown together. But coming home to a really beautifully made bed is so heartening, and it doesn't take much extra time. Plump your pillows, smooth your sheets (tuck in the top sheet so it's not dangling) and place a blanket folded in thirds at the foot. You could also "borrow" a decorative pillow or two from the living room for extra oomph.

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4. Put together a chic bar tray.

All photos courtesy of Houzz

Place a tray atop a console table. Cluster two to five bottles of liquor and flavor additions (bitters etc.) in one back corner of the tray. Plunk a handful of lemons or limes in a bowl in a front corner and line up four to six glasses of your choice front and center. Fill in the gaps with a bud vase, a bottle opener and decorative objects.

5. Fancify your bathroom.

Take everything off your sink and wipe it down; put back only your prettiest soap, a candle or two, and a small vase of flowers. Go grab a stack of fresh washcloths and bath towels, and roll them before placing them in a basket or on a tray.

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