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In a compact living space, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. These ideas—including adjustable tables, sliding bookcases and nesting and expanding furniture—make the most of small-space living.

1. Adjustable height table

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A sleek glass-top table with an adjustable base allows you to quickly change a lounge area with a coffee table to a dining area. With a cushy corner banquette, the zone will be just as comfortable whether you’re grabbing a bite or settling in to watch a movie.

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2. Murphy bed with a twist

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Rather than folding down over empty space, this Murphy bed was designed to fit perfectly over a sofa, so no furniture shifting is needed at bedtime. Just flip down the back cushions of the sofa, lower the bed and voilà! — room transformed.

3. Pullout work surface

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Kitchens sometimes incorporate pullout cutting boards to create extra counter space — why not have a pullout desk? Fully extended, it offers plenty of room to work on a laptop, but when you need the space, it quickly slides away.

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4. Fold-up dining table

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When this unassuming wood panel is folded up, there is more room for maneuvering in this small kitchen — folded down, it becomes a dining table for four. The tops of the sleek white bench seats open to reveal storage inside.

5. Slide-away bed

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In this unique arrangement, a full-size bed can be slid partially underneath the raised floor, transforming (with the help of a few pillows) into a couch. With the bed out of the way, sleek built-in storage cabinets become a useful part of the living space.

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