With production and shipping issues grinding home-renovations to a near halt, semi-custom kitchen cabinets from BOXI—made in a week and shipped ready to install—are a stylish solution for a fast-and-foolproof kitchen remodel.

BOXI kitchen cabinets Anne Sage interiors
Elizabeth Messina
A black-and-green kitchen designed by Anne Sage with BOXI cabinets

On the long list of barriers preventing the typical home owner from diving into the kitchen renovation deep end, time, hassle, expense, design decision paralysis, and fear of getting it wildly, horribly wrong are at the very top.

In recent months, a new concern is bullying its way to front of the line, and that’s materials scarcity. Millions of people are just as tired of eating three meals a day in an outdated kitchen as you are, and the increased demand for building materials, combined with interruptions to the supply chain, mean that you may have to wait up to a year to complete a remodeling project—even if you have measurements and a plan in place.

A white and pink kitchen with BOXI cabinets by designer Anita Yokota.

Molly Rose

BOXI, the first American-built, direct-to-consumer, quick-ship cabinet system, is making it their mission to cross all of your reasons NOT to demo your kitchen off of the list, by providing a user-friendly system for designing and ordering quality cabinets….that arrive in 2–3 weeks.

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From the creators of Semihandmade, the company that offered the IKEA cabinet-facing upgrades beloved by design stars like Sarah Sherman Samuel (a partner in Semihandmade), Justina Blakeney, and Emily Henderson, the BOXI system uses AI technology and a streamlined mix-and-match system of 8 cabinet styles in neutral, mistake-proof colors. There are optional roll-out shelves, drawer organizers, and clever shelving solutions made to order. And the styles don’t just work for a kitchen. BOXI works for a wall of built-ins, a laundry room, or a storage area just as well.

Los Angeles-based interior designer Anne Sage worked with her clients to come up with this pale green and sleek black kitchen design, with cabinets ordered from BOXI.

black kitchen cabinets Anne Sage interior design
Anne Sage’s clients requested black cabinets, and to avoid anything “too delicate or fussy.” The pencil-edge cabinet facings with a satin black finish were the perfect solution.

Elizabeth Messina

“The way that I’ve been describing it to people is like the BOXI cabinets are like the perfect white t-shirt for your kitchen,” says Sage. “When you reach for it, it’s easy. You know it will work. You don’t have to worry.”

The finishes are luxe and versatile and fit with any number of styles, she says. The selection of styles and finishes is broad enough to make clients feel they have choices, but tightly edited. “The convenience factor is big for me. It’s plug and play from design process to install.”

“One of my biggest fears as a designer is once you’ve demo’d and you’re doing an install that the components will come and something will be off,” she says. “The room for error here is really small and that’s a relief.”

If you’re handy with a measuring tape, can take decent photos and have Alaska-size confidence, you can skip hiring a designer, record the dimensions yourself, and work with an online BOXI consultant to order.

Or, if a total artificial intelligence takeover of modern society is not a concern for you, you can choose to automate the whole process.

Through a partnership with Skipp, an online kitchen design platform, you can get AI-3D renderings of many possibilities for your existing square footage and space, and plans for ordering the BOXI cabinets that will fit precisely in those designs.

“I think the very best part is that they arrive ready to install. Time is money with a project like this,” says Sage. “They arrived at the house. My contractor installed them in a day. They make it really difficult to make a mistake.”