Plant Prefab created the Sunset BUD LivingHome, a flexible accessory dwelling unit system designed by Burdge Architects and presented in partnership with Sunset.

Sunset BUD LivingHome
Courtesy of Plant Prefab and Burdge Architects

The design and construction group Plant Prefab is bringing accessory dwelling units (also known as ADUs) to the market with the help of Burdge Architects and Sunset.

The Sunset BUD LivingHome, or SBL, was originally conceived as a response to a special program in Malibu allowing victims of the 2018 Woolsey Fire to install ADUs as a temporary housing solution. Plant Prefab, known for their dedication to sustainable building, collaborated with Malibu-based architecture studio Burdge Architects to create the SBL units. 

The units are designed around California’s statewide ADU standards, making them a great choice for any ADU-compliant property in the state, whether you’re remodeling a home due to damage or just looking to add additional space via a separate unit. The modular units can be designed in sizes ranging from a studio all the way to a two-bedroom with a studio and a garage, with pricing starting at $424,000.

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“The BUD unit is uniquely scalable in size allowing customers to select the square footage that works for their needs in addition to being able to personalize the unit with their choice of finishes. By using modules, you can piece together the perfect prefab home for you and your family,” said Douglas W. Burdge, AIA, in a press release. “Drawing from our extensive experience in the Malibu landscape, we conceptualized the SBL to be as fire-resistant as possible while at the same time exceptionally well designed.”

Courtesy of Plant Prefab and Burdge Architects

The SBL units also pack thoughtful design features that focus on functionality and craftsmanship. The exterior is designed with fire-resistance in mind, with aluminum siding, doors, and roofing. The interior has features like wood floors, custom cabinetry, and a pocket door in the living room for easy indoor-outdoor access. 

The homes are built at Plant Prefab’s factory in Southern California, where its sustainability program minimizes the impact on the planet.