Don’t let the changing seasons prevent your garden from growing. These plants will bloom throughout the fall before the first frost.

Salvia Killer Cranberry
Courtesy of Sunset Plant Collection

When fall foliage paints our hillsides in oranges, browns, and reds, it’s the perfect time to go on hikes, cuddle up in a cozy sweater, or maybe even try out a pumpkin ale, so why not add fall color—and more—to your garden?

Whether you’re located in the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, or any place in between, the Sunset Plant Collection has great ideas for what to plant before the first frost, including ‘Killer Cranberry’ Salvia that will add ruby red and deep coral hues to your garden, and ‘Kaleidoscope’ Abelia with foliage that changes with the season.

The plants in this collection have been carefully crafted to allow you to garden with less hassle. ‘October Magic’ ruby camellias, for example, were bred to need less pruning, while ‘Platinum Beauty’ Lomandra is the first variety with variegated green and white stripes. (An upright grower, Lomandra could add visual interest to a succulent garden.) 

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Here are nine Sunset Plant Collection plants to try this fall, broken down by planting zone.

In warm winter climates (United States Department of Agriculture zones 9-10) that only experience a light freeze or no frost in a typical winter, look for these:

If you live in low-latitude lying states with light winters (USDA zones 7-10) look for: