Plus, five more watering cans we love.

IKEA Vattenkrasse Watering Can
Courtesy of IKEA

When buying an indoor watering can, there are two important things to consider: One, will it be functional? And two, does it look as great as the VATTENKRASSE watering can from IKEA?  (That’s it pictured above.)

There are plenty of reasons why I recommend the VATTENKRASSE, including the $14.99 price. It has a long spout, which means you can control water flow and direction so you don’t drown your plants—or douse your floor. It’s a good size. (IKEA’s can holds around 30 ounces, which is about three and three-quarters cups.) And, best of all, you can display this powder coated, stainless steel can in your home rather than shoving it in the back of a cabinet. 

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Of course, watering cans can be purely functional. You could just grab any old one at your local plant center or big box store. You could choose one made of plastic (which will eventually crack and end up in a landfill), and the only stylish thing about it might be a spout head in the shape of a daisy. You could even skip the watering can and use a bucket. All these options might keep your plants alive. But personally, I prefer a little more style.  

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The VATTENKRASSE comes in two color schemes, ivory or dark blue, both accented with gold. One extra benefit: With a watering can this elegant on display, you’ll have an easier time remembering to water your plants

But what if this design isn’t your thing? Here are five more watering cans you can choose from, all of which cost less than $50.  

Five Great Watering Cans Under $50

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