Planting Plantgem’s curated bulbs in the fall ensures a gorgeous bouquet come spring.

A Spring Bulb Delivery Service Helps You Create the Cut Flower Garden of Your Dreams
Courtesy of Plantgem

When Willow King and Julie Carson tried to find a dusty pink rose, they discovered it was almost impossible.

“We wanted to grow the unicorns—the flowers and shades that we could only find at our favorite florists,” the pair says. “We are looking less for perfection, and more for whimsical, delightful, and surprising varieties.”

But when King and Carson realized they couldn’t find a convenient place to buy the bulbs they wanted, they decided to fix the problem themselves. Now, Plantgem, their bulb delivery service based in Colorado, ships corms, seeds, and gardening tools all to your home. Whether you’re looking for indoor plants or designing your outdoor garden, Plantgem has all the flowers you’ll need.

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“We started Plantgem with the intent of giving home gardeners easy access to all the unique, gorgeous flowers that you see at your favorite florists, but don’t find in traditional greenhouses or resellers,” the founders explain.

They also welcome gardening newbies: “We wanted to bring new gardeners into the fold and offer an online destination for the garden-curious to find inspiration and explore the world of gardening in a fun and judgement-free way.”

The site is easy to use. You can search for your zone or favorite color, or choose based on whether the flower is edible or grows well in heat. With each flower purchase comes a gardening guide with tips on how to plant the seeds or bulbs, what conditions it grows best in, and how to care for it as it grows. Plantgem aims to help people succeed in growing their plants, whether they’re experienced gardeners or novices testing their green thumbs.

Come spring, a Plantgem bouquet filled with Bell Song Daffodil, Mistral Rarity Anemone, and Doublet Amaryllis could be yours. Here are just a few of the blooms you can get from Plantgem: