Cultivate your plant style with decorating inspo from Instagram plant-daddy sensation Hilton Carter’s Wild at Home book

Hilton Carter, Author of Wild at Home Book

Hilton Carter © CICO Books 2019

Use Test Tube Racks

This is useful for rooting cuttings. Carter makes his own line of wood racks with glass cylinders (he calls them “cradles”), which can be displayed en masse as a wall installation. Or mimic the look by lining up a shelf of cuttings in decorative glass bottles.  

Hang a Plant Hammock

Marvelous Macramé

Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you decide to hang one directly over the head of your bed like Carter and his wife did, think outside the basket when it comes to macramé plant hangers. Bolt a macramé hammock straight to the wall for a bold statement.

Group Plants and Use Layers

Grouping plants with similar needs (succulents, for example) makes them easier to care for and packs a punch visually. Layer plants by stacking one on top of an overturned terra-cotta pot, or build a plant shelf by laying a board across two overturned pots of the same height.

Leverage Reflections

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Mirrors magnify the impact of plants, as well as reflect the light they need. With the right frame and a handsome plant in front of it, a mirror can make a visual impact just as big as any artwork. Placed wisely, mirrors can do the additional duty of reflecting light onto plants placed away from windows.

Illuminate Everything

A lamp terrarium lights your plants and your home at the same time. Pick up a fillable glass lamp, line it with a layer of pretty gravel, add soil and your favorite terrarium-ready plants (add crystals, a small skull, or a whimsical figurine, if you like), and install a full-spectrum bulb in the lamp.