Try these floral and plant-based craft kits from Western makers this spring.

Makers mess dried flower resin jewelry kit
Courtesy of Casey Fyfe/Makers Mess

Brandy Lewis created Makers Mess, a craft company, after losing her father. She found that writing and doing something creative with other people was the only solace she found amid her grief. “She realized there weren’t enough craft spaces in Los Angeles, so we started with workshops,” studio director Victoria Steger says.

The company now offers a variety of guided workshops and do-it-yourself kits, such as dried floral wreath and resin jewelry crafts. Makers Mess stands out not only because of the quality of the kits, but also because of the durability of the end result. Because the floral wreath is made from dried flowers, for example, it can last as long as you’d like. Steger notes that felting, weaving, and wood burning kits come with tools that can last years.

Once the pandemic hit, the company moved online. The staff soon realized the digital space lent itself to allowing people to be more creative within the comfort of their home. “It’s helpful because people get an up-close view, and you’re seeing exactly what they’re doing,” Steger says of virtual workshops. With an aerial camera used to provide a bird’s eye view of demonstrations, Makers Mess is able to guide people more personally, as well as record sessions if you need help later.

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Here at Sunset, we’re inclined to try our hand at any DIY that involves fresh blooms or plants. There are tons of ways to use botanicals in your crafting, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite floral craft kits from the West.

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