Need to fill some time at home? Here are a few suggestions for projects you may not have realized you can do yourself.

DIY Cleaning Products

Thomas J. Story

Make Cleaning Supplies

Rose-Scented Spray

Thomas J. Story

We’re all using a lot of strong products lately to sanitize, and considering that the alternative is a life-threatening disease, that’s okay. But not everything needs a chemical treatment. Routine cleaning can often be handled with products that are not just natural, but homemade. If you have a garden, you may not even have to look further than your backyard to find ingredients for cleaners, polishes, and air fresheners that are so much sweeter than store-bought sprays.

Try Your Hand at Fermenting

Easy Kimchi

Thomas J. Story

Fermentation is a kitchen trend that’s both healthy and frugal, so there’s never been a better time to find out what it’s all about. Pickling projects can be as simple as putting those extra carrots you bought by mistake in brine, or as elaborate as making your own kimchi or hot sauce.

Put in Some Raised Garden Beds

Raised Bed

Thomas J. Story

Yes, you can buy ready-made beds if you really want to get your garden up and running quickly. But if you’ve got the time, why not save some money and make your own? Garden beds are a great weekend DIY project that gets you out in the fresh air and which can be accomplished with tools you probably own and materials available at hardware stores.

Paint It Black—or Whatever Color You Want

Painting Stripes

Jeffery Cross

If you’re going to be stuck in your house, make it your own by giving it the color makeover of your dreams. Create an accent wall, stencil a pattern, or bring shabby furniture back to life with a DIY painting project. Incidentally, if you’re a renter and the landlord won’t let you paint, consider a removable wallpaper makeover. It’s fun, gives your place unique style, and when you leave, you can just peel it off and your security deposit won’t take a hit.

Never Be Without Tonic Water

You’ve heard of the Quarantini? Now try the In-and-Tonic. It’s just like a Gin and Tonic, but you drink it inside your house. Oh, and it’s so much better because you make the tonic yourself. Unless you have a bartender’s garden, you will probably need to order a kit, because honestly, even before we all started hoarding staples, cinchona bark wasn’t thick on grocery store shelves. We say it still counts as a DIY project as long as you do the mixing and steeping. Cheers!

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