Let your sun sign guide you to a cool and cozy patio design, and your best-ever summer.

Cowboy Modern Hometown Wrap-Around Patio
Lance Gerber
A covered patio that spans the full length of the Pioneertown house designed by architect Jeremy Levine is a shady, comfortable spot for lounging.

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Warm colors inspired by dusty landscapes and glowing sunsets appeal to the most earthbound of all of the signs—Taurus. Planet-friendly accessories, like solar-powered lanterns, and environmentally sensitive patio furniture also appeal to their socially conscious nature. (Yardbird makes their outdoor collections with recycled materials which can also, in turn, be recycled at the end of their usefulness, meaning that their furniture won’t live on in a landfill if you ever have to part with it.) Because Taurus has never met a pretty thing they didn’t like, pool-friendly dinnerware in organic shapes and pillows woven with sunset shades are a must.

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