10 Favorites from West Elm’s Fall Line

From dishware to statement decor, here’s what we’re loving from West Elm for fall

Nena Farrell, with Chantal Lamers
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Sip Sunset-Style Coffee

It’s not just the name that draws us to these cups. Pastel, ombre mugs make for a great transition piece from summer nights to fall mornings.
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Serve up Some Comfort

Whether for fall soups or hearty stews, these low bowls are the perfect vessel for any kind of seasonal dinner.
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Clear the Table

West Elm’s preferred tabletop of the season? Quartz, making for a glamorously neutral backdrop to autumn colors.
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Mix Media

The metalized glass adds a moody touch to any room, bringing your decor into the cool season.
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Put Print on the Floor

Keep it neutral on the floor this fall, but bring in some quiet texture with this prism print rug.
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Soar to New Heights

Bring home the fact that fall is the season for layers, this tiered coffee table adds a wooden bottom shelf for stylish storage.
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Spice Things Up

The rust tone of this mid-century chair makes for a cozy fall upgrade.
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Get Graphic

Go for the block print with these fall pillow covers, in a variety of warm and neutral shades.
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Just Add Velvet

Warm yellow velvet is a color that looks good all year long, but as a headboard, it’s the perfect companion to fall bedding.
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Shine On

The traditional spindle bed gets an upgrade in this polished metal edition.