From farmhouse to Art Deco, find out the most-searched home styles in 2019—and why we’re in love with every single one

Most Searched Homes
Thomas J. Story

Wondering what the most-searched home styles of the year have been? We got the big reveal via Google’s 2019 Year in Search data. The search engine put together a list of the most popular home style searches in the last year, and we can see why these styles are so popular—we covered many of them ourselves in 2019.

Take a peek below at the top ten home styles searched in the U.S. this past year.

Farmhouse Style

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Who can resist farmhouse style? We certainly can’t—it’s one of our favorites year-round. This one in particular is a 1920’s farmhouse located near Glacier National Park, with a large wraparound porch, clapboard siding inside and out, and views of Montana greenery all around.

Cape Cod Style

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Cape Cod style homes come from—you guessed it—Cape Cod, Massachusetts. While it’s not as popular of an architectural choice in the West, the broad, single-story homes with steep pitched roofs are a popular style across the United States.

Spanish Style

Most Searched Homes: Spanish Style
Photo by Tessa Neustadt, courtesy of ALLPRACE Homes

Spanish-style homes, a.k.a. Spanish Revival, is one of the many defining home styles of the West, a remnant of Spanish colonization in the Americas. Defined by low-pitched roofs with red tile, stucco exteriors, and rounded arches, it’s a style the West has fallen in love with again and again in the modern era.

Colonial Style

American Colonial is an architectural style with roots in (you guessed it) our country’s colonial days, with a variety of different styles underneath it, including French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Georgian. 

Craftsman Style

Most Searched Homes: Craftsman Style
Thomas J. Story

The Craftsman-style home was primarily the work of two brothers, Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, who created the Craftsman-style bungalow in Pasadena. Craftsman homes are distinguished by features like low gabled roofs, extended eaves over porches, and painted wood siding.

Art Deco Style

The Art Deco architectural style isn’t as prevalent in the West, with some of the best examples located in Miami and New York. The flat roof, rounded corners, porthole windows, and geometric motifs are some hallmarks of Art Deco style.

Japanese Style

Most Searched Homes: Japanese Style
Jacob Elliot, courtesy of Compass

Japanese-style homes embrace many of the minimalist design aesthetics that are gaining popularity, with organic materials, clean lines, and smart uses of space. The Japanese style has inspired homes here in the West, like this beautiful estate that brings together mid-century design and Japanese architecture.

Prairie Style

If you’ve heard of Frank Lloyd Wright, you might have seen his Prairie style work, like the Robie House. Inspired by the flat terrain of the Midwest, Prairie architecture features overhanging eaves, central chimneys, and facades of natural materials that integrate with the home’s natural environment.

Modern Style

Most Searched Homes: Modern Style
Thomas J. Story

The West leads the charge in modern-style homes, and they’re drool-worthy for a reason. The geometric designs, intentional asymmetry, and large areas of glass windows are just some of the beautiful features of modern design. 

Transitional Style

Thomas J. Story

Transitional style is a tricky one—it’s no wonder so many folks had to Google it. The style combines contemporary design with modern aesthetics, resulting in an eclectic vibe that embraces both old and new.

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