From muted neutrals to bold jewel tones, the year in interior paint colors heralded a spectrum of stunners

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Courtesy of Valspar

When Pantone announced that Ultra Violet would be their 2018 color of the year, we were torn. While we loved the bold homage to the Purple One, a.k.a. the late, great Prince, we had a hard time envisioning a purple takeover of a living room (no shade thrown at you, Pantone, we love your work!). On the other hand, many other standout hues made their mark this year, with trends ranging from rich and vibrant colors to more muted tones. Here are our favorite interior paint colors of 2018.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Moody Blue

It’s not hard to see why Sherwin-Williams named the rich blue-meets-green Oceanside SW 6496 its 2018 Color of the Year. A modern take on teal, the marine-inspired color is surprisingly versatile, acting as a striking choice for an accent wall in a contemporary living room, a creativity-boosting hue in a home office, or a serene choice for a reading or meditation nook.

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Red Hot

Red might not be the first color to leap to mind when contemplating repainting one’s space, but we can’t get enough of Benjamin Moore’s Caliente AF 290. Why? It adds instant power to a room, whether used on one or all four walls. Red signifies confidence and passion, and this shade delivers while acting as a strong counterbalance to soft neutrals.

Courtesy of Valspar

Easy Being Green

Green is always an invigorating color to add to the home because of its connection to nature and the outdoors. We dig Valspar’s Favorite Green 5011-4, a deep and intriguing emerald-esque shade that works wonderfully in a small space such as an entryway or powder room, or used in a full room, for instance an ultra-modern kitchen.

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

We’re Blushing

Just when you thought Millennial Pink had peaked, you come across a variation that makes you weak in the knees. Such was our fate upon discovering Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink, a muted rose that’s warm in all the right ways. It’s the perfect choice for a feminine yet modern bedroom color, or used as a variation on a neutral in a living room with gray or black accents.

Courtesy of PPG

Dark Arts

2018 saw violet undertones take off in a big way. PPG’s Black Flame adds them to a near-black hue, giving it an almost navy-blue appearance but with a twist. We love its versatility: Put it on the ceiling (yes, really!), a statement wall, on cabinets, or even a door. No matter where you use it, this blue-black acts as a wonderfully luxe backdrop for neutral and pastel decor.

Courtesy of Behr

On Mute

In yet another victory for muted shades, Behr’s In the Moment gets our vote for the best new neutral of the year. The soft grayish-blue-green is a cool, soothing color that doesn’t clamor for attention. It adds the right amount of color when you’re hesitant to commit to a vibrant shade but at the same time don’t want the same-old white or beige. In the Moment is a great choice for any room, and works well as an exterior paint color to boot.

Courtesy of Glidden

Onyx on Point

We’re big fans of the recent matte black paint trend, and Glidden’s Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000 ranks highly in our book. This true black makes a dashing impression on an accent wall or in a powder room if you don’t want to go full-tilt. However, let us make the case for splashing it across a dining room for a super-modern look.