They’re lowering prices on items almost every week!

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The prices at IKEA are already famously low (that’s why it’s so beloved), but what if I told you that the Swedish retailer has low-key dropped the price tags on some of their most popular items? Yes, that’s right—you’ve just got to check out the “New Lower Price” page on the IKEA website. I found it recently while doing some online shopping and wondered why I hadn’t seen it before or heard anything about it!

Well, perhaps the reason why I hadn’t seen it on the website before is that the retailer just relaunched the New Lower Price Page at the end of March 2023. And in even better news, IKEA is continuously lowering the prices on items so the page is updated almost weekly with newly added items. “If the price changes to a lower price even after the first reduction, customers can get price protection through our IKEA Family member benefits, which is another way we keep our commitment on everyday low pricing,” Elizabeth Spencer, IKEA U.S. Commercial Activities Leader told Sunset. “IKEA Family is free to join, and members save 5% every time they shop in-store.”

While browsing the page, I saw some great deals—a lot of the prices seem to be lowered about $5 to $50. There were even some items that were lowered by $100, like the SKOGSTA dining table that was originally $649 and is now $549. Some notable finds include a KALLAX shelving unit that went from $269.99 to $254.99; a FRIHETEN sleeper sectional that was originally $1,049, but now $999; and a BRIMNES TV unit that dropped $20 and is now $169.99.

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The page also tells you when the price on the item was dropped, and if you want to snag the deal, it provides helpful information like if it’s available for delivery or if it’s in stock at your local IKEA store.

“We aim to focus our low-price efforts around the items that we know our customers love, allowing us to highlight our smart designs without compromising on the quality of our products,” Spencer said when asked how the retailer chooses which items’ prices will be reduced.

Take a look at some of the items you can find in the section:

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