It’s all about layering.

The Craft House Inn Lotus Suite Bedroom
Thomas J. Story

Katie Labourdette-Martinez and Olivia Wahler of Hearth Homes Interiors know a thing or two about setting up a cozy bedroom. For the past seven years, they’ve been employing their cozy-coastal aesthetic in Santa Barbara homes and properties in need of TLC, like the now-fabulous Craft House Inn.

“We’ve made a LOT of beds in our careers,” says Olivia. “We started out staging homes for sale, which means we’ve had plenty of practice. Both Katie and I really love the lived-in-luxury look for a bed, adding layers and texture, mixing patterns, and making it as inviting as possible but still comfortable.” Katie adds: “You don’t want to be hot and struggling with blankets all night.”

We asked them for their tips on getting the perfect bedroom setup just right. Take a look at what they had to say below:

The Craft House Inn Santa Barbara Rose Room Bed Wallpaper

Thomas J. Story

Step One

Start with a Casper mattress. “We use Casper mattresses in all of our rentals. It’s one of our staples. Guests really love them. It has a hybrid model that’s soft yet firm in all the right ways,” says Olivia.

Step Two

Make the bed with mixed and matched sheets at various price points, and avoid overtly matchy-matchy sets. “We mix beautiful Pom Pom bedding with some less expensive things from Target, and we love our Parachute duvet,” says Katie.

The Craft House Inn Santa Barbara Granada Room Bed

Thomas J. Story

Step Three

Add a quilt and a duvet, so hot sleepers and cold sleepers have options to create the right level of warmth.

Step Four

Finish with a unique mix of pillows and a throw. “That’s the secret to a lived in look that isn’t super crisp and clean,” says Olivia. “A throw blanket makes it look comfortable and lived-in.” 

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