The biophillic restaurant designs of L.A.-based Studio UNLTD are heavy on hanging plants and good lighting. In a collaboration with Industry West, they combine the two ideas for a unique take on fixtures.

Verdo Chandelier planter Studio UNLTD Industry West
Tanveer Badal

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If you’ve set foot in a Southern California restaurant in recent years and found yourself admiring the indoor plants as much as the amazing food, there’s a solid chance that Greg Bleier and Terri Robison of the Los Angeles-based Studio UNLTD designed it.

Bavel restaurant DTLA hanging plants Studio DTLA
At the DTLA mediterranean restaurant Bavel, the lush interior plants and shaded terrace are almost as much of a draw as the creamy hummus and fresh-baked pita.

Tanveer Badal

Bavel, Bestia, Otium, and the newly opened Callie in San Diego were all masterminded by the L.A.-based firm, which is known for incorporating thriving greenery in interior spaces and using plants as design elements. In a new collaboration with Industry West. the studio has created a series of Verdo light fixtures—a couple of sconces, a chandelier, and a table lamp—that are also planters. Spherical, open powder-coated steel cages with stitched leather details attach to the fixtures and are meant to be filled with low-water air plants, moss, or succulents that can be misted with water.

plants in Callie restaurant San Diego
The design team at Studio UNLTD is known for their “biophillic” approach to designing restaurants, incorporating plants and organic wood textures in dining rooms like this one for Callie in San Diego.

Luciana McIntosh Photography

“We’ve had a keen interest to design a fixture or piece of furniture that has the versatility to allow the end user to make it their own,” says Robison. “We love the idea of creating a design product which still leaves a bit to the imagination. With the Verdo lights we hit on the idea of the greenery being the material that can be added and changed in endless ways. It can be unique and ever-changing.”

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