10 Ways to Design a Better Bathroom with Wallpaper

Make the most out of your bathroom with bright colors and fun shapes

Stephanie Granada
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Aquamarine Dream

Prep walls before hanging coverings by vacuuming the entire surface and wiping away any toothpaste splatters and water stains. After you remove all the switchplates, nails, and mirrors, sand the walls to create a super-smooth canvas. Although intricate patterns like this jewel-toned stunner can be more forgiving, the paper will last longer and look better when you start with a good foundation.
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Another Day in Paradise

Palm leaves create a transportive experience that sends you straight into vacation mode. It’s almost like you’re chilling in an outdoor shower. Plus, if your walls are a little crooked, a busy pattern, such as this Tropical Jungle design, will help offset the discrepancy.
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Sugar Rush

Sweeten up a kids’ bathroom with this playful Ice Cream Cone Summer print. Since wallpaper and splash zones do not mix well, you can lend the wall covering some protection by sealing it with Polyvine Decorator’s Varnish. Pros swear by it.
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Bright Lines

Geometric prints are here to stay—especially when applied in a snazzy metallic shade. Pair the Dotted Trellis number with other brass accents to help amplify light in a windowless room.
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Spacious bathrooms can handle two different wallpapers. Nail the mix-and-match look with one dominant floral pattern and a textured solid style in the same color family. Make sure any delicate, non-vinyl wallpaper is hung a bit away from the shower and in a room with plenty of ventilation, so it doesn’t get moldy or start peeling due to the humidity.
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Light Touch

Pastel hues give a bathroom a blissful spa feel, but can skew a little cutesy. This Tiled Moonscape pattern, on the other hand, has a gold-tinged etching that makes the wallpaper resemble a pretty tile and elevates the whole space.
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Wild Thing

A bare-bones powder room can turn into a statement-making space with this Kingdom Lion wallpaper applied everywhere—yes, even the ceiling. While some fear a dark, busy pattern will only make a small area appear tinier, in truth, it can give definition to an otherwise ho-hum room. Plus, safari animals are just quirky enough to not go out of style.
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Black and Metallic Gold

The New York Toile gold wallpaper will make your bathroom look like it’s straight out of a fancy restaurant or hotel. Since humid showers can wear on traditional styles, save splurgy coverings for powder rooms.
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Under the Sea

What better place to play up the maritime theme than in your bathroom? While anchors, boats, and stripes will all work, octopuses are so much cuter. Keep the rest of the decor simple to let the wallpaper stand out.
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Style Underfoot

Here’s a novel idea: Use your peel-and-stick wallpaper to dress up your bathroom floor. Quadrostyle’s Italian Chiave paper is thin yet durable, made with a similar material used for outdoor signs. It can handle some foot traffic.