Top 14 Style Trends for 2018, According to Pinterest

Pinterest searches are surging for these trends to watch in home decor

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Vacay Vibes

Rattan, a mainstay material at exotic resorts, is making appearances in home furnishings. A stunning rattan headboard or chair can do wonders to a room by channeling the feel of a far-flung retreat.

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Heavy Metal

Metallic is the new neutralgranted, with a bit of edgy glam. Whether you incorporate more traditional silver or gold finishes or go bolder with bronze or copper (or even a bright color!), the result is nothing short of stunning.

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Aiming High

Don't forget the fifth wall of your room, otherwise known as the ceiling! By painting it an unexpected color, applying wallpaper, or treating it with a unique texture, the room's highest point can make a grand statement.

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Haute Herringbone

Herringbone adds instant drama to any surface, whether in flooring or wall tile. In a neutral gray hue, it's doubly sophisticted.

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Bright Welcome

What's more cheerful and welcome to guests than a vibrantly painted front door? When done in a tasteful shade, a statement door immediately ratchets up your home's curb appeal. Experiment with bold colors, like orange and green.

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Pattern Play

Houseplants punch up any space, but when their leaves boast a pattern (or better yet, multiple colors), you're doubling down on featuring them as decor.

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Wonder Wall

While we still love a stylish gallery wall, featuring one piece of large-scale art is becoming more common. Oversized prints, posters, and paintings are taking center stage.

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Fortified Fun

Childhood fantasies are having a moment. Forts are becoming permanent parts of the home, whether replicated in indoor furniture or built as a backyard hideaway.

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Spinning a Yarn

No longer reserved for winter hats, pom poms are popping up in home decor: on rugs, in garlands, and in decorative trim. Don't want to spring for this trend? Pom poms are easy to DIY; you can even think outside the box and make them with plants.

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Knotty and Nice

The '70s are backin macramé form, that is. From plant hangers to coasters to wall hangings, knot tying is oh-so-on-trend.

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Holiday Hybrids

Make way for creative spins on holiday decorating, from Halloween pumpkins painted blue to colorful spring wreaths.

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The DIY trend is stronger than ever, with people creating their own unique decor (like these simple yet stunning succulent place settings), body products, and homemade gifts.

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In Stitches

Large-scale knits are big these days, from chunky throws to giant scarves. And speaking of all things DIY, this extra-thick woolen blanket was given an extra dose of style with some hand-dyeing, courtesy of materials from a holiday tree and winter decor. Get the ombré dyeing project how-to to replicate the look at home.

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Trailers aren't just for camping these days. People are refurbishing them and using them as backyard annexes or as truly mobile homes.