Home sales are bound to peak this summer in key urban areas across the West

Jessica Mordo  – May 16, 2019 | Updated June 12, 2019

Summer is around the corner, and for many of us that means camping, edible garden bounty, and grilling on the deck. For others, however, it’s a fraught season: It’s time to buy a home, or sell a home, or sell a home and buy a home, and then move. But where to?Beatrice de Jong, consumer trends expert at real estate startup Opendoor, has tallied trends across the West to find the hottest zip codes—i.e., the places where they predict home sales to soar this year.

While two locations on the list are in California, it seems home buyers are looking outside of the Golden State. With starter homes in California often costing over $1 million (don’t even get us started on the San Francisco Bay Area), it makes sense that buyers would expand their horizons to other urban centers. The cities on the list below offer world-class dining, hip shops, and attractive neighborhoods at a cost of living that is lower relative to California’s most popular cities. In addition to great urban amenities, the areas on the list below also provide access to parks, rivers, and more outdoor spaces, which is half the reason we live in the West in the first place, right?

Selling a home in one of these real estate hotspots? Opendoor’s de Jong says investors are flocking to purchase properties as short-term rentals (and Airbnb listings, most likely). To keep your home’s aesthetics at their most attractive to prospective buyers, de Jong points to the following trending features: lots of natural light, charming exteriors (think front porch or deck), and unique touches like oversized windows.

And now, what you’ve been waiting forthe most popular Western zip codes for home sales in 2019, based on in-home visits and average number of days on the market:


  • Most visited zip code: 80015
  • Fastest on market: 80014 (avg. 10.66 days)

These neighboring zip codes comprise the eastern suburb of Aurora, which has been increasingly popular among millennials due to newer housing developments and proximity to top-rated public schools.

Las Vegas

  • Most visited zip code: 89129

Real estate in the Lone Mountain area enjoys exceptional value: larger, newer-build homes with a relatively low price per square foot—and positioned for spectacular views of the entire Vegas metro area. It’s also an incredibly family-oriented community, as 45 percent of the population is married and 57 percent of households include children.

  • Fastest on market: 89030 (avg. 40 days)

This zip code comprises a large section of North Las Vegas, situated to the north of Downtown and The Strip. Homes here tend to be on smaller lots than in the Vegas metro area, which means less space to maintain, clean, and keep cool (energy efficiency is especially poignant in the desert).


  • Most visited zip code: 85379

Surprise! That’s actually the name of this western suburb—Surprise—and it happens to be one of the fastest-growing towns in Arizona. Features of note are the town’s diversity, safety, appeal to families, and abundant green spaces and recreational opportunities. Real estate here tends to be newer, with many homes having been built within the past 20 years.

  • Fastest on market: 85132 (avg. 10.33 days)

Stretching from the outer limit of the Phoenix metro area into the southeastern town of Florence, this zip enjoys lower housing prices than the rest of Phoenix, making it a big draw for first-time buyers. A historic Old West town, many buildings have been preserved and currently house dining and entertainment—another notch in its belt. 


  • Most visited zip code: 97006

Cedar Hills is home to the Nike World Campus, and with it, a swoosh in home buyer interest. Highly-rated shopping and a good social scene rank among the big draws here, as does convenient access to downtown Portland via public transit.

  • Fastest on market (avg. 13.33 days): 97124

Located in Portland’s Silicon Forest (the city’s high-tech answer to Silicon Valley), this zip is easy to get around. The neighborhood was designed to be pedestrian-friendly, it provides super-convenient access to the city’s light rail public transit system, and while it’s far enough away from downtown to feel more bucolic than densely urban, it’s close enough to commute and also reach a major highway and the Hillsboro Airport. 

Riverside, CA

  • Most visited zip code: 92544

The up-and-coming community of Eastern Hemet, located in southern Riverside County, is ideal for nature lovers, located right next to the gorgeous San Bernadino National Forest. Many homes here were built in the iconic California ranch style in the ’70s and ’80s, providing a certain nostalgic appeal. Home values here are forecast to increase by close to 8% in the next year, making local property an investment worth considering.

  • Fastest on market: 92584 (avg. 14.5 days)

This zip comprises the planned community of Menifee, which sprang up from the late ’80s into the early ’90s. The area enjoys easy access to shopping and commercial zones in nearby Murrietta and Temecula thanks to a major highway running through it. New home construction has cropped up by Menifee’s parks and man-made lakes in recent years, offering homeowners a dose of nature. 


  • Most visited zip code: 95758

This is the planned community of Laguna West. While the area has smaller, denser housing lots, it’s quite pedestrian-friendly and offers access to a real town center, which is great for community building. Highly rated public schools and a 20-minute drive from downtown Sacramento also add to Laguna West’s appeal. 

  • Fastest on market: 95682 (avg. 7.5 days)

A bit farther afield from downtown Sacramento, the town of Shingle Springs enjoys a scenic location in the Gold Country foothills 40 miles from the city. The town and its environs feature an abundance of ranch-style homes on larger lots, and the local school district is well regarded. The cherry on top? The area’s relatively easy access to Lake Tahoe, a year-round destination for outdoor adventures.