Custom copper work gives small fountain a unique feature

Even a tiny garden has room for a compact water feature like the one in the courtyard of Debbie Fleischaker and David Crocker’s Santa Fe home. Though the courtyard is quite small ― only 15 by 25 feet ― the couple wanted the garden to include a fountain, both for its peaceful sound and the sake of nostalgia. (Crocker was born in the Northeast and sometimes misses its dampness).

The fountain they installed consists of a Chinese rice-washing bowl only 20 inches square. Instead of opting for the standard bamboo spout, Crocker and building contractor John Leatherman created a fanciful spout that looks like a segment of leaf-covered vine. It’s made from ¾-inch copper pipe with ¼- and 3/8-inch copper tubing wrapped around it like vine tendrils. The leaf trim is a combination of stamped and hand-crafted pieces. A reservoir hidden beneath the bowl captures and recycles the spillover. Bowl from Stone Forest, Santa Fe (505/986-8883).

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