Plant herb mixes in nice handy baskets

TIME: 1 hour or less, plus shopping

COST:  About $20

The basket should be sturdy and at least 9 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 6 inches deep. Line it with 3-mil plastic or a heavy-duty plastic trash bag, then use scissors to punch holes through the plastic. Fill partway with rich, fast-draining potting mix. Arrange herbs 3 to 4 inches apart on top of the soil. Gently loosen the rootballs, then plant. Put the basket outdoors where it gets at least four hours of sunlight every day (partial sun in hot inland areas). To counteract the leaching effect of watering, feed plants weekly with fish emulsion.

Oval basket:

(numeral indicates number of plants)

A. Garlic chives, 2

B. Parsley, 2

C.Mounding nasturtium, 1

Rectangular basket:

(numeral indicates number of plants)

A. Parsley, 1

B. Thyme, 1

C. Oregano, 1

D. Sweet basil, 1

E. Sage, 1

F. ‘Tricolor’ sage, 1

G. Basil ‘Red Rubin’, 1