Use these tips when dealing with pesticides

Sunset  – September 4, 2004

Using Pesticides Safely

• When using any pesticide, read the label instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Also keep the following tips in mind.

• When you dilute concentrated liquids for application, work on a sturdy outdoor surface and wear waterproof gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Measure the concentrate exactly, using standard measuring cups and spoons. Clean up any spills at once, following the package directions.

• Keep pressure-pump applicators of different sizes on hand so you can easily prepare only the amount you need.

• If the directions for a particular pesticide tell you to wear goggles and a breathing mask during the application process, do so.

• When you’re applying pesticides, protect your skin by wearing waterproof gloves and shoes, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants. Tuck your hair under a hat.

• Keep pesticides well away from children and pets. If necessary, store them in a locked cabinet in a garage or storage area.

• Don’t put unused pesticides in the trash. For instructions on proper disposal, contact your local sanitation service or the state pesticide agency.