Daylilies that win in the West – our list overall and for 5 individual regions

Star Performers
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Wherever you garden, there’s a daylily that’s just right for you. Some daylilies perform well in all climates. The most notable example is ‘Bitsy’, a variety with lemon yellow flowers, that outblooms any other daylily yet on the market, flowering up to 290days a year in mild areas like Southern California and Hawaii.

Other daylilies, though, only put on their best show in certain climates. ‘Stella de Oro’, a deciduous variety, is an excellent choice for gardeners in colder areas like Colorado or Montana, but it doesn’t perform well in Southern California.

We surveyed Western growers, landscape architects, nursery staff, and daylily society members to find out the star players in their areas
WINNERS FOR ALL WESTERN REGIONS ‘Bitsy’. Lemon yellow. 2-inch flowers, 26-inch stems (technically known as scapes), 20-inch leaves; evergreen. 2002 All-American Daylily.

‘Cranberry Baby’. Rosy red. 2 3/4-inch flowers, 15-inch stems, 10-inch leaves; deciduous. Compact habit.

‘Judith’. Coral pink with rose eye. 5 1/2-inch flowers, 30-inch stems, 18-inch leaves; deciduous. Heavy bloomer. 2002 All-American Daylily. ‘Leebea Orange Crush’. Bright orange with darker eye and green throat. 6-inch flowers, 28-inch stems, 22-inch leaves; semievergreen. Fragrant. 2002 All-American Daylily. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Any of the daylilies listed for other regions will do well here. COASTAL SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND HAWAII

‘Dixie Land Band’. True red with white stripes and green throat. 7-inch flowers, 32-inch stems, 20-inch leaves; evergreen. Takes light shade.

‘Joan Senior’. Near-white with yellow green throat. 6-inch flowers, 30-inch stems, 18-inch leaves; evergreen. ‘Lavender Dew’. Lavender with green throat. 5 1/2-inch flowers, 28-inch stems, 18-inch leaves; evergreen. Good repeat bloomer. ‘Miss Victoria’. Clear yellow. 4-inch flowers, 24-inch stems, 20-inch leaves; semievergreen. Fragrant. INLAND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND CENTRAL VALLEY ‘Gingerbread Man’. Reddish brown. 6 1/2-inch flowers, 34-inch stems, 24-inch leaves; evergreen. Very heat tolerant. Good rebloomer. ‘Lady Eva’. Maroon purple. 6-inch flowers, 32-inch stems, 24-inch leaves; evergreen. Dramatic color. Reblooms readily. ‘Lady Scarlet’. Red. 6-inch flowers, 22-inch stems, 20-inch leaves; semievergreen. ‘Miss Victoria’ (see under Coastal Southern California). ‘TerraCotta Baby’. Rosy tan. 2 3/4-inch flowers, 22-inch stems, 15-inch leaves; evergreen. Blooms generously. SOUTHWEST ‘Aztec Chalice’. Brilliant velvety red. 5 1/2-inch flowers, 36-inch stems, 26-inch leaves; evergreen.

‘Cortez Cove’. Yellow with greenish cast. 4-inch flowers, 28-inch stems, 18-inch leaves; evergreen. Strong performer.

‘Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Lady Eva’ (see under Inland Southern California). PACIFIC NORTHWEST ‘Frans Hals’. Rusty apricot bicolor. 4 1/2-inch flowers, 26-inch stems, 20-inch leaves; deciduous. Color deepens in summer and turns pastel again in spring. ‘Joan Senior’ (see under Coastal Southern California). ‘Pandora’s Box’. Near-white with large plum eye. 4-inch flowers, 20-inch stems, 13-inch leaves; deciduous. Exceptionally hardy. ‘Pink Playmate’. Pink blend with white ribs and throat. 3 1/2-inch flowers, 22-inch stems, 12-inch leaves; deciduous. Vigorous.

‘Smoky Mountain Autumn’. Peachy rose with lavender halo. 5 1/2-inch flowers, 22-inch stems, 18-inch leaves; deciduous. Fragrant.

INTERMOUNTAIN WEST ‘Custard Candy’. Cream yellow with maroon eye. 4 1 /4-inch flowers, 24-inch stems, 16-inch leaves; deciduous. ‘Janice Brown’. Pink with rose eye. 4-inch flowers, 22-inch stems, 16-inch leaves; semievergreen. ‘Lullaby Baby’. Pinkish white with yellow throat. 3 1/2-inch flowers, 18-inch stems, 14-inch leaves; deciduous.

‘Stella de Oro’. Yellow gold. 2-inch flowers, 20-inch stems, 16-inch leaves; deciduous.

‘White Temptation’. Near-white. 5-inch flowers, 34-inch stems, 26-inch leaves; semievergreen.
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