Peruvian lilies come to San Diego

Debra Lee Baldwin

Call it serendipitous: San Diego Horticultural Society member Liz Youngflesh wanted to start a home-based business. Around the same time, Del Mar garden designer Bill Teague discovered amazing alstroemerias at a wholesale grower in Central California and suggested that she specialize in them. So Youngflesh started Garden Glories Nursery.

Popular varieties she carries include white 'Casablanca', magenta 'Jupiter', soft orange 'Third Harmonic', and 'Tri Color'. All are vigorous and bloom profusely year-round. And Youngflesh has introduced 'Jena', a blend of white, green, and lavender-pink. All grow taller than other evergreen alstroemerias (3 to 4 feet), with blossoms two to three times larger. Stems are ½  inch thick, and cut flowers last two weeks.

Alstroemerias thrive inland and along the coast; they do best when given full sun to part shade, rich soil, mulch, and regular water. Encourage repeat bloom by pulling out spent stems, rather than cutting them.

Youngflesh sells the powerhouse hybrids at monthly meetings of the San Diego Horticultural Society ( or 760/730-3268), at garden shows at the Del Mar fairgrounds, and from her home nursery.

Info: Garden Glories Nursery (by appointment only; 1356 Douglas Dr., Vista; 858/449-5342)


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