Gaura lindheimeri

Onagraceae Perennials, Flowers

Sunset  – January 27, 2015

Native to Texas and Louisiana. Airy growth to 2 1/2–4 ft. high, 2–3 ft. wide. Leaves are 1 1/2–3 1/2 in. long and stalkless, growing directly from stems. Branching flower spikes bear many closely set, 1-in.-long white blossoms that open from pink buds.

Long bloom period (often from late spring into fall), with only a few flowers opening at a time. Blossoms age to a rosy shade, then drop off cleanly, but seed-bearing spikes should be removed to improve overall appearance, prolong bloom period, and prevent overly enthusiastic self-sowing.

Long-lived plant. Division is not necessary—and difficult in any case, since gaura grows from a deep taproot (which makes it very drought-tolerant). For additional plants, let a few seedlings grow.