What to mix and match with these versatile plants

Julie Chai,  – February 1, 2006

Call them the plants that go with everything. Heucheras are the easiest way to update your garden for the season. There’s one for every color scheme, from amber to plum to lime green. And because most varieties max out at no more than 1 ½ feet tall, the low-maintenance plants are ideal for mixing and matching in both borders and containers. Tuck this list into your wallet for your next nursery stop.

1. ‘Strawberry Swirls’ A true green heuchera frosted with white; grow it in part sun.

Pair with:
Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’
• Black mondo grass
• ‘Flying Colors Appleblossom’ diascia
• White impatiens

2. ‘Stormy Seas’ A plum heuchera with silver undertones; it takes sun to part shade.

Pair with:
• Blue fescue
• ‘Catalina Pink’ Torenia fournieri
• Deep pink calibrachoa
• Magilla perilla

3. ‘Amber Waves’ An amber and greenish gold selection; give it sun to part shade.

Pair with:
• ‘Angelina’ sedum
Libertia peregrinans
• Orange calibrachoa
• ‘Rustic Orange’ coleus

4. ‘Dolce Key Lime Pie’ A bright lime green plant; grow in sun to part shade.

Pair with:
Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’
• ‘Blue Bird’ nemesia
• Blue pansies or violas
Carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’

5. ‘Dolce Peach Melba’ A warm, peach-toned heuchera with purplish undersides; it takes sun to part shade.

Pair with:
Carex buchananii
• Coral diascia
Helichrysum petiolare ‘Lemon Licorice’
• ‘Sunsatia Raspberry’ nemesia