Grow native plants and use recycled materials as simple steps in an environmentally savvy direction

Here are tips for making your outdoor area more Earth-friendly.

Tips for an eco-wise garden
Make your garden a more environmentally friendly space

Easy being green
Homeowner and the environment benefit from landscape designs using recycled materials

Greening your garden
Switch to sustainable garden practices for a lush yet healthier landscape

Lush garden, light touch
How to easily create an eco-friendly landscape

Small garden secrets
A tiny urban backyard finds creative uses for space and materials

6 steps to a water-wise garden
Create a beautiful, climate-appropriate landscape that helps conserve a precious resource by following these tips

Water-wise garden makeover
Get resources for sustainable gardening

Lawnless in Ventura
Plant a water-wise front yard alive with texture and blooms

Planting for birds and butterflies
Here’s how to create your own backyard wildlife B&B

How green is your garden?
Take our quiz and get your score


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