Local Reading: Too many veggies, preserving the harvest, the other red meat, a rocky farmers’ market

At least it's local waste: Let's say you already subscribe to a CSA (community-sponsored agriculture program), but you keep getting too m...


At least it’s local waste: Let’s say you already subscribe to aCSA (community-sponsored agriculture program), but you keep getting toomany vegetables than you can use in a week so you toss limp heads ofkale at the end of each week. How bad is that? Does eating locally makeup for throwing away food? Well, no, not really. (Slate)

Preservation inspiration: Still harvesting? What are you going to do with all your bounty? Before you jump to the idea that you’ll pick up the art of home-canning, read this, which puts the process in perspective. A bonus is that it interviews folks from the totally amazing Institute for Urban Homesteading, which I’d never heard of before. It’s like our One-Block Feast, only a little more hard-core.  (Oakland Tribune)

The other red meat: It’s goat. Since rancher Bill Niman left his eponymous company, Niman Ranch, late last summer, he’s taken up another kind of animal husbandry — the caprine kind. (We wrote about his and his wife’s Christmas celebration in 2006.) Maybe goat is the new lamb? (New York Times)

A cautionary tale: How do you kill a perfectly nice farmers’ market? Too many rules. (Washington Post)

by Elizabeth Jardina, Sunset researcher