How to package your holiday cookies so they won’t crumble

Margo True

(Photo by Erin Kunkel)

It’s a sad thing to unwrap a pretty gift of cookies from a friend, only to find a pile of crumbs. Sadder still if you’re the giver, and have no clue that your cookies have crumbled.

Just in case your friends and family have been too polite to tell you about the damaged-on-arrival state of your cookies, we are here to share some of our favorite and most useful cookie-packing tips from our friends on Pinterest.

1) Wrap small stacks of 3-4 cookies in parchment paper.This idea is from Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co. If you’re mailing them, be sure to pack them surrounded with plenty of bubble wrap or shredded paper.

2) Layer your cookies between small squares of pretty paper in a container.Use a glass jar, ceramic tin, or whatever appeals to you that’s just big enough to hold them; too much space and they’ll rattle around. Thanks to the ever-helpful and lovely site The Kitchn for this one.

3)  Craft boxes work too.Just make sure to get the right size for your cookies (not too much room around them).  Tie a small stack of cookies into a bundle with white string before putting them into the box. For more, see project wedding.

4) These little bags are just right for a pair of cookies.They look like they’re from a rustic-chic professional bakery but, hey, they’re from you! If you’re shipping them, though, be sure to enclose each bags in bubble wrap or shredded paper before putting them in the box, since the bags are highly smooshable. Found on noshon.it.

5) The foolproof double-box method.Read more from someone who knows how to do it well, Julie Blanner.

6) The Pringles can!And if you don’t eat Pringles, I bet you can use a tennis ball can. Thanks to A Baker’s House.

And always, if you’re mailing cookies, choose sturdy specimens like ginger cookies or thick shortbreads. Avoid gooey fillings or toppings that can smear and ooze. And follow up with your friend or family member to see whether they arrived looking as good as when you sent them! You’ll learn for next time.