Get ready to host a summer shindig-we’ve got you covered with all the necessities

This Summer’s Top Entertaining Tips, According to Pinterest
Thomas J. Story

Longer days and warmer temperatures are around the corner, with plenty of opportunities for hosting an outdoor movie night or throwing a last-minute house party. Thanks to Pinterest’s latest report on what’s trending for the 2018 summer party season, we’ve rounded up the decor and party themes you’ll want to try.

Twinkle, Twinkle

If your party is headed outside, make sure to add string globe lights. They can be strung across the yard or even along the dinner table for instant ambience.

Hanging Out

Looking for a fun, boho-inspired way to add more seating? According to Pinterest, a hanging daybed is the way to go.


Just a Dab

Ditch the bulky bottles and upgrade your table with cute condiment display ideas.

Haute Hydration

Cocktails are a no-brainer at your summer bash, but when it’s warm out, you’ll want to ensure everyone’s hydrated. A stylish water bar makes H2O feel more special and is perfect for guests of all ages.


Sweet Moments

The latest dessert trend? Waffle ice cream sandwiches – and we’ve got the perfect recipe for you to try.

Waste Not

A big party doesn’t have to mean a heap of plastic forks in the trash. Embrace the zero-waste trend with reusable utensils, like these bamboo ones.

Picnic in Jar

Mason jars aren’t over yet—at least, not when you can use them for an easy picnic in a jar.

Summertime Oktoberfest

Looking for a new idea? Turn your backyard into a beer garden with a brats-based menu and plenty of brews to go around.

Star Light, Star Bright

Take advantage of warm evenings with a stargazing party. Bring out a constellation app and a few printable DIYs to make it a night to remember.