When to buy, and where to go to stretch your Independence Day dollars

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With the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday this year, it’s all too tempting to book a late Wednesday night flight and spend a long weekend celebrating freedom, independence, and all things American–in America, of course.

But like any trip, timing is everything: Book flight too early and you might miss the best deals–wait too long and you risk having to buy after prices have jumped.

According to the travel site Hipmunk, Fourth of July travelers can find savings of up to 23 percent if they book tickets the week of May 20. In general, the site reports that summer domestic fares are trending on par with last year with the median flight costing $338–the same as last year.

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Hipmunk also says that summertime domestic travel is down compared to last year, while international travel has seen a jump.

Sounds like the Fourth of July holiday might be the perfect time to give one of the 50 states a little love – especially if you can snag a low fare.

The following domestic destinations are already trending on Hipmunk for Fourth of July travel:

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