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Sunset  – May 26, 2005

Louisville, CO
Redwood Valley, CA
Baker County, OR
Albuquerque, NM
Sterling, CO

“We live in the best cul-de-sac of the West, right here in Louisville, Colorado. Throughout the year there is a wonderful kindness and generosity among our neighbors. We all shovel each others’ snowy sidewalks, and we exchange seeds and garden plants, recipes, tools, and heavy machinery.” – Denise Emma, Louisville, CO

“If you’re really interested in finding the best neighborhood in the West, you need to visit Redwood Valley, California. Every family has a computer-generated map showing each house and the family’s name and phone number. Many of the houses on the map include an icon representing something unique about that family (a flag for the home with the flagpole, two girls playing, etc.).” – Rebecca Enberg, Redwood Valley, CA

“I am a ‘lifer’ here in Baker County, Oregon …a third-generation rancher, husband, and father of three. Thanks to Baker City’s nationally recognized restoration program, spearheaded by Historic Baker City, a large part of downtown has been refurbished, with several standout buildings such as the Geiser Grand Hotel.” – Mike Morrissey, Baker City, OR

“My husband and I really enjoy the bosque here in Albuquerque that runs along the Rio Grande. The city has trails along the east side of the river, some on the west also. They run many miles and the sights are wonderful.” – Ann Look Albuquerque

“I nominate Sterling, Colorado, as the city with the best treescape. Its parks are filled with large trees planted by the city. Sterling has been part of the Tree City, USA, program for 13 years, and the city actively encourages and subsidizes the planting of trees. While the plains outside the city are often barren and devoid of foliage, residents have made exceptional efforts to ensure an oasis in and around the city.” – David McClain Sterling, CO

“I nominate the small mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming, as the West’s best place to live. Located on the Wind River, our Headwaters Complex includes the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center, the Wind River Historical Center, and the Headwaters Arts and Conference Center. Recently, the town, the Boy Scouts, and other groups completed a path by the river.” – June Sampson, Dubois, WY

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