Top Wow Spots of Zion

Experience the majestic beauty of Zion National Park and explore its countless hidden canyons and passages

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Virgin River

Take in breathtaking views of Zion’s red rocks, glowing green trees, and the powerful Virgin River.

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Upper Emerald Falls

Upper Emerald Falls is a white plume against Zion’s red rock.

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Zion Narrows

Smart travelers know that the most exciting way to explore Zion is by hiking through the park’s canyons.

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Utah desert skies

Enjoy the late-afternoon sun polishing the Utah desert.

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Trail to Angels Landing

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End of the Angels Landing Trail

Hikers tackle the last, steep, steered-by-chain stretch of the Angels Landing Trail.

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Zion Canyon

Heavenly reward: Make the 1,700-foot, 2.5-mile hike to Angel’s Landing, and you get this view of Zion Canyon and the silver meanders of the Virgin River.

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Classic Zion view

Classic Zion view of blue skies and red rocks.

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Roadside rock sculptures

Be sure to notice the natural beauty on your way to the park.

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A waterfall plunges hundreds of feet down sheer sandstone walls in the upper reaches of Zion Canyon.