Top Wow Spots of Grand Teton

High in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park shows you the West in a new and beautiful light

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Snake River with the Teton Range

Wake at sunrise to watch first light transform the majestic view of Teton Range. Then, spend the afternoon floating down Snake River.

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Phelps Lake

Explore the 1,106-acre Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve (or LSR Preserve) on the shore of Phelps Lake. Opened in 2008, its state-of-the-art visitor center and the park’s interpretive facility are among the most environmentally advanced buildings in the entire national park system.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For anyone oriented toward the outdoors, Jackson Hole comes pretty close to perfection.

97 percent of the valley is state and federal land, while the Jackson Hole Land Trust has gained protection for another 15,000 acres of ranchland. This is where you'll find some of the country's best out-your-front-door recreation.

With the Jackson Hole Community Center for the Arts, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and dozens of art galleries, the town of Jackson has become a major center for Western painting and sculpture.

Food and drink possiblities range from the new and upscale to the classic joints like the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. And once you have your fill of town life, Grand Teton trails are waiting for you.

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Teton Village

Home to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort along with various restaurants and shops, Teton Village is a great starting point before entering the Park.

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Teton Park Road

Just off Teton Park Road, a rambling buck-and-rail fence frames a Wyoming pasture with the Teton range rising to the west.

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Kayaking along Snake River

Paddle your kayak along the Snake River as it meanders through Grand Teton National Park. Ten-mile float trips offer chances for wildlife-viewing and photography.

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Antelope Flats Road

Spot a bison roaming alongside Antelope Flats Road.

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Jenny Lake

Mt. Moran’s reflection shimmers in the still waters of Jenny Lake. Take the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive for spectacular views of the peaks. Access the scenic drive by driving south at the North Jenny Lake Junction.

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Teton Range

No matter where you roam in Grand Teton, the splendor of the majestic Teton mountains will leave you awestruck.