7 Genius Pieces of Compact Outdoor Gear

Live in a city or just don’t have the storage for large outdoor gear? Fit these items anywhere, no matter your home’s size

Nena Farrell
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Origami Kayak

One usually wouldn’t describe kayaks as super portable, but ORU kayaks defy expectations. The collapsible design turns the 12-foot kayak, folded, into something that fits in a large messenger bag, making it easy to store and tote anywhere. The design is lightweight, but still supportive and durable even after thousands of folds. The Beach LT model is wider and easier to navigate, but upgrade to the Bay St model ($1,599) for a slimmer, faster experience on the water.
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Folding Bike

Get from point A to B on a full-sized bike, and then break it down to fit it into a car trunk, a closet, or under your desk. Dahon’s Mariner D8 is a great choice to get the complete biking experience while easily taking it down from full-size. With eight speeds, fenders for rainy weather, and a rack, it’s an especially strong choice for the hopeful bike commuter.
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Inflatable Board

A wide paddle board seems impossible to own in an urban (or minimal storage) environment, but when it deflates into a duffel bag, your boarding dreams can come true. Jimmy Styk’s inflatable stand-up paddle boards make the sport accessible for anyone, and the board feels no less strong and stable than a regular model. Choose from a variety of sizes, designs, and prices, making it easy to find the best board for your needs.
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Portable Canoe

Don’t just fold your way to a kayak—score a canoe, too. This model folds into an extra-large messenger bag, making it easy to store and tote on your adventures. Ori also has a variety of add-ons like a rowing kit, seats, and a motor plate to build out the canoe of your dreams.
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Blow-up Couch

Kick back anywhere with an inflatable lounger, no air pump required. Scoop some air (or catch a gust of wind) to fill it up, wrap up the end, and literally kick back on the Chillbo Baggins. They’re easy to bring along to music festivals, the beach, or camping and road trips.
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Wagon on the Go

Wagons are no small device, but a collapsing camp wagon makes it easy to take the kids to a picnic or the farmers’ market, or to bring in plenty of camping equipment from the car. Fold it up to throw it into the car or a closet, and then bring it back out for your adventures.
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Collapsing Cooler

If your home is low on storage, having a bulky cooler lying around isn’t an easy thing to hold onto. Kelty’s collapsible cooler solves that problem. When unfolded, the sides are still semi-rigid to keep the goods cold and safe, and come complete with drink holders at the top. You can choose from a variety of sizes without sacrificing storage space.