17 Favorite Camping Tents

These 3-season tents make the perfect base camp for an unforgettable trip

Mandy Ferreira and Rebecca Straus
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Solo Adventure

At a mere 1 pound, 11 ounces, this tiny, tough tent is worth every ounce. The Featherlite aluminum poles are super sturdy and amazingly lightweight. Your pack will stay dry under the generous vestibule, and you’ll be cozy inside no matter how many nights you spend on the trail.

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Perfect for Couples

Whether you’re backpacking or car camping, the Talus 2 is a great choice for snuggling with your partner at the end of a long day. Set-up is a breeze, ventilation pockets make it comfortable no matter the temperature, and dual doors make for easy entry. At $199, you can’t beat the price—and the footprint is included!

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The More the Merrier

If you’re going camping with, say, your husband, three kids, and in-laws, you’re going to want a monstrous tent like the Kingdom 8. The center divider creates private rooms (a must) and two huge doors means no one has to struggle getting in and out. High quality and weatherproof, everyone in your group will enjoy this tent.

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Instant Shelter

A tarp shelter that sets up in a flash with two trekking poles, this super-compact tent will take up less room in your pack than a water bottle. Two people and gear can weather rain and wind in comfort with this shelter that sets up in seconds.

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Room with a View

For extended road trips, this car-top tent is an excellent choice. It’ll save you precious cargo space in the back of your vehicle—and it offers way better views than a motel room. This super-tough tent will keep you dry and cozy no matter what—especially with an anti-condensation mat under the mattress.

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Stargazer’s Delight

Spending a clear night in the TN2 is just like sleeping under the stars—without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The Stargazing Fly is easy to roll up for an unmatched nighttime view—and just as easy to tug down if a rain shower sneaks up on you. You’ll love the easy set up and durable materials, too.

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Geodesic Style

The Shiftpod2 is the ultimate home away from home. It might be unwieldy to transport, but it sets up surprisingly quickly. The reflective “dark out” fabric keeps the inside comfortably cool at all hours of the day—perfect for desert camping or a trip to Burning Man. Camping with friends? You can connect up to 6 Shiftpods to form a hub!

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Winter Wonder

If you’re adventurous enough to spend a night outdoors in the snow, the four-season Mountain 25 is going to be your best friend. This durable tent stands any extreme weather Mother Nature might throw at you—you’ll stay warm and dry without having to worry about wind or condensation.

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No-Frills Classic

Are you the kind of person who goes car camping a few times a year, maybe backpacking a couple of nights—nothing extreme? If that’s you, then you need a versatile, all-around practical tent like the REI Half Dome. The 2018 model is lightweight, easy to set up, roomy, and sturdy. The 3-person size is perfect for a couple with extra room for comfort, but 2- and 4-person sizes are also available.

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Springbar Highline 6

Springbar has been making canvas tents in this style since 1961—and with good reason. The tent may look like it would be bulky to handle, but the genius design allows one person to pitch this 100 square-foot tent in minutes. Plus, it’s made with military-grade duck canvas that will stand up to any kind of weather.

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Double the Space

You won’t feel cramped in this two-person tent from The North Face. The Homestead Roomy 2 has 50 percent more room than the average two-person tent and ample headroom. The two large doors make it easy to slide in a queen-size mattress, and well-placed gear pockets keep everything easily in reach.

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Sleep among the Trees

Rocks and uneven ground are no match for this two-person hanging tent. Tentsile's Flite+ comes with a full zippered mesh top and a removable rain fly. It’s easy for everyone to get in and out with two doors. The tent base can also be adjusted to create one or two hammock beds so you can snuggle up or carve out your space.

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Through the Roof

You don’t need a camper van to have the ultimate camping vehicle. This roof-top tent turns your car into the perfect spot for two people to stretch out for the night. With interchangeable canopies, all you have to do is zip the perfect topper onto the tent base to customize your abode for your trip.

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Lightweight Comfort

This lightweight, 3-person tent is made to take you through the heat of the summer into the chill of fall and spring. Large windows make ventilation a breeze, while the durable rainfly keeps you warm and dry. The two large side-entry vestibules make it easy to get in and out without bringing in the dirt or the rain, and they’re the perfect place to stash gear.

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Stand Tall

With 6.5 feet of clearance, this wagon-shaped tent by NEMO has enough room to stand up and stretch out. There’s also ample room for up to six people with nearly 100 square feet of floor space. The tent includes a screened porch so you can comfortably relax outside without becoming a bug buffet. Despite its size, the single-wall design makes it easy to set up the tent and stay dry, especially if it’s raining when you arrive.

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Stylish Pup

This adorable pup tent blends classic style with durable performance material so you can reminisce about the good old days in comfort. The two-person Rover is just as at home in backyard play as it is at the campsite, and the A-frame design makes the cozy tent easy to set up.

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Overpacker’s Delight

Forget digging through the entire campsite to find your left sock. Coleman’s Tenaya Lake™ 6-person tent has two built-in cabinets with shelves so you can store your gear inside without tripping over it. Pre-attached poles and hubs are color coded to make set-up a breeze. The optional room divider adds privacy and creates space for two queen air mattresses.