10 Rain Gear Essentials to Bring on Vacation

Rainy weather in the forecast on your trip? Make a splash in these stylish and highly useful rain staples

Allison Young
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Stylish Shelter

You’ve seen one umbrella, you’ve seen them all. Not so with this head turner. Super functional and oh-so chic, one push of the button and you’re protected from wind and rain, plus it folds up easily to fit into your purse. Even more surprising, you’re sure to get compliments.
2 / 10

Time Keeper

When raindrops keep falling on your watch, a water-resistant time teller is key. No only does this trendy ticker keep the rain out, its jazzy design looks like splatters so you can match the rain instead of trying to escape it.
3 / 10

Soundtrack to Your Life

Just like the animal, these headphones are tough-skinned and seemingly indestructible. Able to withstand raindrops and even being dropped—heck, they float—these Bluetooth beauties come loaded with features: walkie-talkie function, GPS location sharing, and text messaging. Oh, and the sound is pristine.
4 / 10

A Case of the Blues

Whether you’re pulling up your Airbnb deets or searching HappyCow for veg options nearby, your phone can still be smart in the rain. This enclosed case protects it from the elements—rain, dust, snow—so you can swipe, map, or app without worrying about droplets doing damage. Available in a rainbow of colors.
5 / 10

Jotting Down Notes

Traveling with a journal is a must, and this handy-dandy all-weather notebook means your thoughts won’t wash away in the rain. Small yet mighty, it comes with 50 patented sheets that shed water (use a pencil or all-weather pen) and a recycled plastic cover that’ll keep its shape.
6 / 10

Waterproof Wonder

Sure, you could get a rainproof cover for your backpack (did someone say bulky and ugly?), or you could just get a backpack built for rain. We vote for the latter. Built for biking, hiking, museum hopping, or just dashing from your Lyft, this stylish and spacious daypack keeps the insides high and dry.
7 / 10

Haute Trench

Don’t drown your style in an oversized poncho; make a fashion splash with this sassy take on the traditional trench. Fitted yet functional, the dramatic collar doubles as a hood, flap pockets keep contents dry, and the sleek design means you’ll be wearing it rain or shine.
8 / 10

Ace up Your Sleeve

You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em… and fortunately rain doesn’t mean ending the game. This waterproof deck stands up to rain splatters or pool splashes, so you can stay entertained no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.
9 / 10

Puddle Jumper

The problem with most rain boots is they look like rain boots—big, bulky, and sure to bring on blisters. Not these. Chic and sleek, waterproof yet breathable nylon replaces rubber to give you sneaker-style kicks that blow Wellies out of the water.
10 / 10

Surefooted in Summer

Free your toes and support your soles in these waterproof Birks. A brighter, lighter version of the classic, instead of cork these two-strap slides are made of airy EVA foam, a washable and water-friendly material perfect for rainy yet hot summer days, road trips, beach walking, and more.