8 Chic Blankets for Every Outdoor Activity

Whether you’re kicking back on a beach or picnicking at the park, there’s a blanket for that

Nena Farrell
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Precious Playdate

Set up a little play space for the kids on a fun, rounded blanket that can double as a beach towel.
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Nighttime on the Beach

Camping on the beach or planning a late-night bonfire? Make sure to bring a cozy outdoor spread. This weather-resistant blanket fits into a compact stuff sack, making it easy to bring along for the night.
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Hiker’s Companion

Heading out for a hike? Tote one of these blankets with a handy strap.
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Kip for Camp

Tired of all the plaid and gingham camping blankets? Grab this waxed canvas number that makes for the perfect outdoor seating, especially if you’re car camping
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Festival Fun

Whether you’re heading to a summer festival or spreading out for live music in the park, this blanket is a great way to set your space with style and stay dry with the water-resistant base layer.
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Backyard Boho

Don’t restrict tapestries to the walls. Bring them outside to add a little flair to your next backyard soiree - they’re great backdrops for cheese boards or light crafting.
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Pack a Picnic

Nothing’s easier for a picnic than a blanket that folds into a handy tote, with a water-resistant exterior (for no-stress spilled drinks) and plenty of colors to choose from.
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Summer Guests

If you’ve got guests coming this summer, snag one of these light quilts to keep them cozy on warm cooler nights.