Where the insiders play

Steven R. Lorton  – September 4, 2004

When we asked Seattle actors, directors, and playwrights where they go to eat, drink, and gossip, they gave us five good recommendations. Before or after your play, settle down at a table and eavesdrop. You could be listening to a future Tony winner.

Crêpe de Paris. Annie Agostini knows how to woo an audience: She wanders from table to table to greet her patrons, then serves them freshly made crêpes, from seafood to dessert varieties. 1333 Fifth Ave. (in Rainier Square); (206) 623-4111.

T. S. McHugh’s Public House Restaurant. Straight out of an Irish play, with stiff drinks and homemade pot pies. 21 Mercer St.; (206) 282-1910.

McMenamin’s, Roy Street. A boisterous eatery with great fries and 20 beers on tap. 200 Roy St.; (206) 285-4722.

St. Clouds. The name comes from John Irving’s The Cider House Rules; the star here is fish in curry breading with lime coconut sauce. 1131 34th Ave.; (206) 726-1522.

Union Square Grill. With potent martinis served in an art deco setting, the Union Square will make you think you’re dining at Sardi’s, circa 1939. If hot seafood salad is on the menu when you’re there, don’t miss it. 621 Union St.; (206) 224-4321.

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