Trick Dog

San Francisco, California

Trick Dog, the city’s hottest cocktail spot, has all the indicators of contemporary cool: a scrubbed industrial interior, barkeeps sporting the retro-fedora look. But what makes the place are the beautiful concoctions, which range from spot-on classics like the Sazerac to novel riffs like the Alligator Alley, a Green Chartreuse–tinted, modernized martini, and a beet-bourbon medley called the Pantone 7621, with a dash of caraway liqueur that transforms the whole shebang into a kind of boozy borscht. It’s all backed up by elevated eats (Vietnamese-style rice plates, steak tartare) served in a dining room on the mezzanine level and downstairs at the bar, where the action is.

Last Reviewed
October 2015


3010 20th St.
San Francisco, CA