The Mill

San Francisco, California

The Mill isn’t a Portlandia punch line, though it skates perilously close. Occupying a vaguely Scandinavian-style storefront in NoPa, with lots of white tile and blond wood, this joint venture from direct trade–sourced Four Barrel Coffee and organic, naturally leavened Josey Baker Bread focuses on two things: yep, bread and coffee. Three, if you count the toast, and you should. (Recently, more breakfast offerings have appeared, such as doughnuts and granola, but it's really about the toast here.) There are four combos each day—dark mountain rye with cream cheese, for example, and country white with butter and cinnamon sugar—assembled by a production line of bearded dudes who slice the bread to order and slam it into old-school toasters. Note to the non-coffee drinker: You can get tea or Dandelion hot chocolate instead. You just have to ask.

Last Reviewed
July 2015


736 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA